Start Here by Knowing the Truth

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Here’s the truth I want you to start with:

Start with this. No matter what anybody says, nobody has every part of life figured out. Nobody knows exactly what will happen tomorrow. We all struggle. We all fail, and without a doubt we all cry. 
Despite this, the beautiful thing about life is that although there are struggles life also has laughter, passion, and growth.
This website exists to help you balance the hard stuff and the easy stuff, because life inevitably has both.
Now, I am not some ultimate authority that can tell you exactly what you need to do to have a great life. Like you, I am only human.
So we are on the same side. We are on the same journey to figure life out.  The only difference is I am documenting my journey with hopes that it will help the both of us.
For this reason, I value and welcome any perspective that you might have. Feel free to agree or disagree. Through constructive dialogue we can both gain clarity.
All of that said, here are some articles I want you to read to learn what I think about life:


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