3 Simple Tips that Lead to a Fulfilling Life

3 Simple Tips that Lead to a Fulfilling Life

What does it mean to live a fulfilling life? Maybe you don’t feel fulfilled in life because you are alone. But surely some people, alone or not, figured out the meaning behind living a fulfilled and purposeful life.

I am here to reveal to you the truth about living a fulfilling life. Hopefully, the veil will be lifted for you.

By the end of this article, you will know how to live life zealously. You will also walk away with things you can do to get started.

You will learn about what makes someone zealous, and the mindsets you can adopt today to improve your life.

Saying cliché things like find your passion, or becoming rich will lead to a fulfilled life is easy. However, finding your passion at a young age is hard.

At the same time, the people that make the most money often focus less on money and more on a mission. Think Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. And surely we know people that may be happily single.

Instead, zealous people with fulfilling lives do this:

1. Zealous people keep trying new things

Finding your passion is like sifting out the experiences you will live for. So people that have more experiences will more likely find something they like. This can be a sport, that project you’ve wanted to start, or that person you’ve wanted to meet.

Just do a Google search on the number of projects Elon Musk was involved in. Or read Steve Job’s biography and learn about the multitude of experiences he had when he was younger.

Zealous people have often said yes to way too many opportunities in their lives. Good or bad. So in order to have experiences that align with your values, you need to develop a set of principles for yourself.

So pick up a hobby, join a club, meet a new person or just travel somewhere new. The learning will help you figure things out.

The other great thing about constantly trying new things is that it enriches your life. You have more to talk about, more knowledge and skills to apply, and you meet more cool people along the way (You also learn more about what kind of people are not-so-cool).

You can start by answering this question: If you had one free day to do something new…what would it be? The next step? Go do it!

Someone might have many different reasons why might like to try new things. But a must for the zealous people living a fulfilling life is this:

2. Zealous people have hope for the future

I know some people are so optimistic you question their sense of reality. I don’t refer to those people when I mean hope for the future (good for you if this is you though!).

Having a hope for the future just means you believe the future can be better, and that you have some control over that future. You need to have a clear vision of the future you want.

That is all there is to it. Are you someone that believes in your own ability to influence the future? Stephen Covey talks about being proactive in his book (Check it out on Amazon). Are you proactive, or are you reactive?

Do you believe you have the ability to choose your reactions instead of just reacting? Does life happen to you? Or do you make life happen? Ponder on that in the different areas of your life (family, love, work etc.)

Zealous people don’t have to have the perfect day to be zealous. Zealous people are zealous because they have the ability to make the good days great and endure through the bad ones knowing things will improve.

The next time you have a bad day, don’t try to ‘think positive’ or just settle for sadness. Ask yourself this simple question: How can I make today just a little bit better for me?

This simple shift in mindset will change your life because it empowers you to make your own life better. I have full confidence in you that you can.

Assuming you try new things all the time, and you believe you can make your life better. If your life is still around the same, here is one more tip to help you live a fulfilling and zealous life:

3. Zealous people can focus intensely on improving one thing

 When Bill Gates and Warren Buffett sat down to write one word that described how they got to where they were, they both wrote the word ‘focus’. The pair became lifelong friends thereafter.

Every person has access to the same amount of time. If you can afford to have internet, then resources are also abundant.

Many of us go to the internet and consume too much information that is irrelevant to our passion or the better future in our minds.

Others of us are too bothered by the distractions and responsibilities of daily life to focus on focused self-improvement. These distractions may range from the call to go out with friends, to chores, to maybe even schoolwork.

A zealous person may be involved in many different projects, or juggling many different responsibilities or even meeting many different people. However, everything they do is focused towards the better future they’ve chosen. If they know their passion, then every new experience they participate in also works toward the same focus.

Imagine the level of your achievement possible if everything you did moved you towards just one goal. That is the level of focus required of a truly zealous person.

The first step to becoming focused would be to sit down and identify your most pressing goals. Then, eliminate everything you are doing that has little to do with the goals. If you are still unproductively busy, focus on only one or two goals to begin.

Here what you can do: Start by writing out what really matters to you, and what kind of difference would make your life well lived. Next, periodically ask yourself ‘Is what I am doing right now really mattering?’ Remember, change begins with your mind.

So there you have it. Zealous people are open to trying new things, believe in a better future, and can really focus on their goals. Feel free to comment below on what you think makes somebody zealous and tell me how your tips on making your life more fulfilling.

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