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Do you want to figure out how to live with purpose every day? Do you want to be more productive? Do you want to be smarter with your time, commitments and money?

LifeplusZeal exists to add zeal to your life.

In the second year of my job as a teacher, one of my students thanked me for saving her life. I understood a teacher’s importance in a person’s development, but to be that important felt surreal. I underestimated the difference I can make, so now I dream bigger.

I want to help you:

Be someone that is confident, focused, and action-oriented in that your decisions are leading you exactly where you want to be in life.

As a teacher by profession, I will do so by showing you exactly what I do, and what you can do.

My name is Leon, and some years ago, in 2014, I was about to take a job in accounting and finance and grind the 9-5 until I get the things I want and retire.

But then these questions came up:

Where were the passion and the purpose in that life? Where was the zeal? What happened to the dream I had as a kid of becoming great and making a difference? How do I live a fulfilling life?

So in 2016, I packed my bags and went halfway across the world. I started travelling and teaching in China. There, I had the space to learn and answer those life questions. Eventually, by instilling purpose and passion in my students’ lives, I found my zeal.

 At LifeplusZeal, my passion is seeing people become better at taking action. My purpose for starting LifeplusZeal is to help people become more than they could be by themselves. My zeal comes from the fact that I have, and continue to change peoples’ lives for the better, and I know you can too.

This blog will in descending order of importance:

      1. Help you and I live a more zealous life

      2. Document all the life lessons I come across

      3. Help me learn about business – because I teach it!

On the side, I read a lot, and I am also an enterprising common stock investor (I might as well apply the finance degree, right?) so I might publish the occasional article on finance (or other money-talk).

I’m glad I didn’t go the corporate route. How do I know?  I know because I saved lives and changed many more. So what are you waiting for? Start learning the fundamental knowledge you need to live a more purpose-driven and productive life today (you really should have learned it all in high school).

Ready? Set? Go!


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